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Izdop technical team proceeds in the intelligence industry as well as many other companies. Although multiple companies are active in this field and new wide inventions are constantly being released to the markets bringing numerous customers to the commerce, but it’s an emerging industry, and it still has much more to do.

It’s natural in every industry, there are some leaders and some followers, but our policy is not to follow any other companies, so a diverse range of strategies are being considered in this regard.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence has come up with Impressive improvements; however, it’s not been entirely applied to smartization.

The outlook is to combine the power of learning artificial intelligence with smartization process to make a significant change in this field to provide more comfort to your life.

One of the reasons for not using artificial intelligence in the smartization is the concern over the hacker’s infiltrating into the users' information, which has been resolved by using the blockchain network.

Data theft and the Hacker’s infiltration have been fully blocked by our professional team, so apply smart tools securely without any concern.

By producing smart gadgets and hardware for homes, hotels, public places, schools and universities, Izdop team seeks to minimize the man’s contribution doing chores and tasks to avoid wasting of time. By initial Token sale, we move this the help of business forward in the best possible way with industry professionals who have considerable masterly experience in large and practical projects.

The goal is to establish an exclusive financial network for the users of this business around the world and to pay the profits of the projects to the investors.

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